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OutsourceACE litigation support firms often have a multidisciplinary team to deal with a wide range of legal processes, needs and requirements. Services offered by litigation support firms may relate to cases that are currently being prosecuted as well as pending ones and also involve pre and post-trial preparation.

To help meet the varying needs of lawyers, litigation support firms offer a range of services such as:

  • Researching, preparing and reviewing litigation documents such as pleadings and motions,
  • Assessing and managing cases by providing technical and operational support to the legal team,
  • Training litigation staff in areas such as electronic documentation, review and production as well as e-discovery and social discovery,
  • Providing problem solving expertise and support on litigation issues,
  • Developing and managing the clients' databases,
  • Planning and organizing processes and resolving problems relating to documentation.

Other services may involve coding of litigation materials, interviewing witnesses, providing courtroom support such as exhibits, presentations and jury selection and computer forensics.

To perform legal proceedings in a professional and proficient manner, OutsourceACE use many types of techniques and software solutions. These may include the traditional methods such as document imaging, conversion of audio-video, duplicating CD-ROM, and DVD, Bates stamping and endorsing and copying and reproduction services. Some technology based processes may include tools for online web-based review, managing documents and assessing cases and Cloud-based products. With the volume of data and documents to handle, having the appropriate processes, software and technology is essential to thoroughly and successfully prepare for legal proceedings.

Having a litigation support firm working with your legal team offers many benefits, which may include:

  1. Access to qualified talent, staff and resources to handle projects,
  2. Reduced costs due to outsourcing expertise rather than paying additional staff,
  3. The ability of smaller legal firms to compete with larger companies,
  4. Using support services based on project schedules, needs and demands,
  5. Better time management and turnaround of project documents and processes.

An important aspect of the litigation process involves having the right information, documentation, evidence and comprehensive preparation. By using the range of services and resources that litigation support firms offer, solo lawyers and small legal firms may be better equipped to successfully prosecute different types of cases.