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Transcription service is conversion of any form of voice, audio and video into text format either hand written or electronic written text document. This can be converted into multilingual or the same language totally depending on the project requirement. It is useful for seminars, business events, board meetings, conferences and so on. Medical transcription and movies transcription are two popular transcribed services. However, considering the increasing needs of transcription services across business verticals we provide professional and quality transcription for all business; including customized transcription needs to corporate houses, research firms, authors, Universities & Colleges, Law firms and many more.

OutsourceACE quality transcription is second to none. We have a skilled team of experts with immense experience to work on your transcription project. We add value to every project on-board, deliver at the quickest TAT (turnaround time), deliverables of rush project within 24 hours, providing 24/7 internal support with stringent data confidentiality.

OutsourceACE Transcription Services:

Audio Transcription: We provide high quality conversion of audio and voice records from any format like MP4, MP3, CD ROM, wma, wav, online recording software’s and so on to any form of preferred text document such as Word, PDF, etc. with assured data confidentiality and 99.9% accuracy, proofreading and the final quality check by the project manager before delivering it to our client.

Video Transcription: Capturing a professional video, say for example your company’s seminar/products is an important way to show your clients/customer the credibility of it. Possessing a good video is one thing and getting the attention it deserves is another thing, thus transcription is required to examine what it has been said in the video for various purposes, one of them is to drive the traffic and being recognized by the search engines for better marketing. Some of the services we offer as a multimedia transcription company are Podcast / Webcast transcription, Movie script / Film transcription, YouTube Video transcription, Video subtitling & captions, Embedded Transcriptions, Transcript Synchronization , Instant encoded captions ,Webinar transcriptions, Online streaming video transcription and much more.

Foreign Language Transcription: With almost a decade experience in the transcription business we come to understand that not only the English Language needs transcription but many other well known languages. Our Foreign Language services include transcribing to and from the same language or to another language:

  1. Spanish Transcription
  2. French Transcription
  3. Portuguese Transcription
  4. Chinese Transcription
  5. Russian Transcription
  6. Arabic transcription
  7. German transcription
  8. Greek transcription
  9. Italian transcription
  10. Japanese transcription
  11. Korean transcription
  12. Thai transcription
  13. And many more!

Hospital Transcription: Medical transcription is the most sought after services. The Services we provide are Physical Examination Reports, Progress Reports, Pathology Reports, Radiology Reports, Autopsy Reports, Labor and Delivery Reports, Consultation Reports. The value-added services we provide are record retrieval 24/7, customization of each macros and templates, Compatible with all EMR, Health and Radiology information systems, HIPAA compliance.

Educational Transcription: Educational institutes require transcription of their seminars, teaching materials/modules, lectures, research sessions both videos & audio. We provide high quality services with round the clock support at a very low cost for educational transcription.

Business Transcription: With Business Transcription we understand the need of a quick TAT service, thus we had undertaken projects with a TAT (turnaround time) of 2-48 hours without compromising on quality to achieve the expected end results.

Financial Transcription: Advanced infrastructure, cutting edge technology and experienced staff has helped us transcribed Financial requirements with utmost accuracy and high-quality, transcribed security and confidentiality and 24-hour accessibility. Few of our services are annual Business Reports, Financial Analysis and Reporting, Podcasts, Press Briefings, Webinar, etc.

Market Research Transcription: We are associated with multiple research firms spanning across business verticals. We understand their strict TAT and cost effective services with no compromised in quality of service.

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High quality, low cost audio transcription is only the beginning of what you’ll get at OutsourceACE.
OutsourceACE provides premium quality transcription services for media recorded in almost any foreign language.
Video has become one of the best ways to market to your customer base, but sometimes you need more than what a video has to offer.
Healthcare, the most information-reliant of all industries, is ever evolving as new information displaces old.
Educational Transcription refers to the transcription of lectures, seminars, discussions etc. held in institutes and universities.
OutsourceACE offers high quality and reliable business transcription services at budget pricing with zero quality compromise.
Investors demand information. Through the internet information can reach your investors faster than ever.
OutsourceACE provides Market Research Transcription services to marketing firms and freelancers with complete accuracy