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What is Outsource Ace?

Outsource Ace is an Outsourcing / Offshoring provider. We are servicing a global client base. Equipped with an Outstanding Team & Technology in assisting our clients of all sizes to realize their dreams and to eventually reach their true potential. The services we offer are Telemarketing, Sales, Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, Customer Service, Technical Support, Surveys. We also expertise in Data / Web related services. Outsource Ace can also assist in all your recruitment needs with a professional team.

What is the Services Offered by Outsource Ace?

We offer both Business to Business & Business to Consumer services as we are a Real time contact center with real time reporting, 100% Call recordings, dedicated Quality Team & all these at the most competitive rates.

Is Outsource Ace Cost Effective / Does Outsource Ace offer savings to its clients?

Outsource Ace is definitely cost effective & saves you around 60% on your total costs. The best part is that we are Quality focused with a robust technology as well. This increases your revenue & Brand value.

What qualifications does your workforce hold?

We only recruit graduates with specific degrees & also recruit workforce with a master’s degree/Specialization for skilled client requirements. And Bangalore is home to a large pool of skilled manpower with neutral/no accent at all.

How do I compensate you?

You can pay us by wire transfer / contact our business development team for more options.

How do I ensure database protection?

We sign a Non Circumvention Non Disclosure working agreement with our employees to ensure data protection. We also ensure all our employees go through a Physical Security, Access Control at every stage, Email / Internet Security.

How do I begin / sign contract or agreement /work order?

You can email the WO or contract & contact our business development team for further proceedings.