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"Real time" reports with ACE CRM

ACE CRM Solutions for Customer

  • Easy accessible business reports and neatly organized data for you and the sales team to access from any device, anywhere.
  • Cloud base centralized CRM with Real Time Solutions.
  • Access standard reports such as employee attendance reports, agent sales reports, conversion reports, AHT reports and so on.
  • Easy access to all your business data to improve profitability and efficiency.
  • Insight business data for a complete top to bottom analysis of your business functions.
  • User friendly and easy navigation.
  • Attractive & simple designs. We can customize designs as per your business requirements such as outlook integration, calendar integration and so on.

We bridge the distance with ACE CRM Solutions while taking transparency to the next level.

Even if you are on a holiday in Paris or just relaxing on a beach, you can still view "Real Time" business data with our ACE CRM.



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In-house developed customized CRM tracks all report and customer trends. Ensuring seamless outsourcing and monitor your business real-time with our CRM Application