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Hospital Transcription Service

In a 24 hour acute-care hospital setting, instant transcription solution is critical to delivering patients’ information in time. We can help you fill the gap by providing secure hospital medical transcription and digital dictation services to medical experts and trusts across the US, Canada, UK and Australia.

The rising cost of healthcare, shortage of medical staff and increasing trend of technological advancement has forced the Healthcare Industry to recast business processes and patient care facilities.

OutsourceACE is a preferred Healthcare outsourcing provider:

OutsourceACE is an ISO 9001:2008 certified transcription company. Our experience of almost 10years in the industry accompanied by our deep focus on operational excellence allows hospitals to focus on their core practice while we work on delivering business processes. As a leading medical transcription provider, you can expect the quality to be better than 99% and turnaround time can be as low as 2 hours. It is imperative for outsourced hospital transcription services to ensure real-time delivery of patient details and records and we focus to deliver nothing but the best within the agreed timeframe.

Our healthcare transcription services seamlessly integrate with internal hospital information systems such as dictation capturing, document routing and returning documents in the desired format to the require destination utilizing HL7 interface standards. All of our hospital medical transcription processes are HIPAA-compliant.

Value-Added Transcription Features:

  • Record retrieval 24 x 7 — Mini EMR
  • Quality Assurance Department
  • Customized Macros and templates to each physician’s requirements
  • Compatible Interface with any voice-collecting system
  • Tailored reports
  • No change of physician’s dictation habits – you can send a dictation from anywhere at any time
  • Compatible with all EMR, Health and Radiology information systems
  • Advanced technology to ensure secure, quick and accuracy transcription
  • Cost effective business model
  • 24/7/365 days live support

Hospital transcription services offered:

  1. Customized Medical Transcription for Hospitals
  2. Customized Medical Transcription services for clinic and physician practice