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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

RPO is Recruitment Process Outsourcing. This is one of the process corporate houses have taken an outsourcing route to quality providers like OutsourceACE. Let’s face it; recruitment is the single biggest issue any organization encountered especially if due to the lack of local foothold in the area operated. RPO has gained an ever-growing popularity in this new era due to company benefits of globalization. More and more stronger, integrated and financial stable companies who are emerging as global leaders are entering the global market relying on RPO. It has gained a foothold as an emerging process worldwide. Many companies including large organizations faced a dead-end with a high attrition rate .Most in-house HR and recruitment specialist are not specialized enough when it comes to volume hiring or company diverse requirements.

Understanding companies’ struggle and collaboration or consulting from the client point of view is the key to a successful RPO. OutsourceACE is more than an outsource RPO provider, we are more of an associate ready to scale up your numbers. Just as our motto we built excellent relationships with clients to achieve the set targets, with consistent and excellent. We help clients with the entire process of recruiting and more, starting from CV/resume screening, short listing, telephone interviews and talent assessment, sharing of shortlisting data with clients, BGV (background verification), on boarding of new hires, we take complete responsibility of the entire recruitment process. Every RPO project will be executed with excellent quality and with high speed of delivery utilizing our well defined corporate recruiting strategy. With the advancement of new and innovative technology, we constantly strive to help organizations achieve their set goals.

6 Reasons why you should consider RPO Services:

  1. Strategic Sourcing: Talent Analysis, effective sourcing and our advanced techniques will tap the right candidate from the talent market suitable for your requirements.
  2. Meeting Goals: Quick and quality targets are achievable implementing our methodologies .This will help fill up your business critical roles impacting bottom-line of the business.
  3. Quality: As talent acquisition experts, we look through the mirror of your in-house recruitment team and assess the strengths and weaknesses, thus implementing our methodologies for quality outsourcing to hire qualified talent in-line with your business visions.
  4. Brand: Enhancing your company’s brand is vital to tap higher level of professionals. Top level professionals are like consumers who browse through online reviews, website of your company before undertaking any offers.
  5. Advanced Technology: State –of- the- art technology and latest innovative tools can scale up your complex and diversity recruitment needs.
  6. Cost: Outsourcing to a trusted partner like OutsourceACE not only save cost but we promise quality outsourcing at an unbeatable price plan.

Take a look at a few OutsourceACE RPO solutions:

  • Volume Recruitment Solution.
  • Global Project recruitment.
  • Diversity Recruitment.
  • Enterprise RPO
  • University & College Campus recruitment.