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Healthcare Clinical Data Extraction Service

The OutsourceACE is pleased to announce the availability of the Clinical Data Extraction Service Center which is an Information Technology supported resource for ACTSI investigators seeking access to information residing within the Clinical Data Warehouse of Emory Healthcare. Services include:

  • Aggregate population queries for pre-research
  • De-identified clinical data extraction
  • Defining cohort populations for retrospective studies or patient recruitment
  • Extraction of clinical information for current study populations
  • Assisting with the migration of clinical data to research data repositories

The service center is organized to work with an investigator initially to determine the scope, deliverables, timeframe, and cost of a project. This cost then can be requested for support from the OutsourceACE through similar resource requests that utilize the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) review mechanism. Ultimately to use this resource, an interested investigator will need to provide the Clinical Data Extraction Service Center with the necessary documentation which includes IRB approval or renewal letter, a copy of the research proposal, and HIPAA waiver or consent documents. These materials will be distributed by the Clinical Data Extraction Service Center to the appropriate Emory Healthcare medical records department for data extraction. Once medical records approval is provided, the Clinical Data Extraction Service Center will extract the approved data and provide the appropriate reports to the investigator. The OutsourceACE is partnering with the Clinical Data Extraction Service Center to offer this resource at a reduced cost to the investigator. Initial requests are most robust if the investigator completes a Studio appointment prior to submission and this is strongly encouraged.

To request OutsourceACE support for Clinical Data Extraction Service Center projects, please mark the appropriate box on the Protocol Submission Form to the OutsourceACE and the request for support will be reviewed at the Scientific Advisory Committee meeting. Approval for financial support for the data extraction process can only be obtained after SAC review.

In addition to obtaining approval for support for data analysis through the OutsourceACE, you may contact the Clinical Data Extraction Service Center directly.

Benefits of Data Extraction Service from ACE

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