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Telemarketing is marketing via telephone & now since the advancement of technology we use a predictive dialer to reach out to the masses which is the fastest way to have maximum outreach, Telemarketing helps you broaden your horizons translating into revenue not just within your city but also your state, across the country & the entire globe which maybe your target audience.

Telemarketing is the only approach where you can work on multiple campaigns & strategy at the same time. Outsource ACE is a pioneer & has handled telemarketing campaigns for all industries & geographical locations.

3 Important Factors determines Success/Failure

  • Database
  • Resources
  • Technology

3 most important aspects in Telemarketing is Database, Manpower & Technology.

When you look at an absolute combination of a tried & tested method for success in Telemarketing , I guess nothing can be more apt than these 3 which is our main topic of discussion.

Outbound/Telemarketing /Telesales campaigns which are the different terms that we call them in & this can be broken down further into Sales, Appointment Setting, Lead Generation, Market Research Surveys and several more.

  • Database: Data well managed is damage well salvaged.

Firstly data is procured from several sources like Database vendors, Online Portals & Internal Customer Database. It is very important that it is managed effectively. When we talk about data we have B2B & B2C. Data segregation & management forms the core area of expertise that you require from your dialler management team. When we talk about segregation is has to be done according to the time zones then peak areas in the times zones & the best agents equipped to call particular data.

Several aspects involve effective data management like monitoring if your agents are disposing the calls correctly as this ensures you can churn back in the appropriate data. DNC’s need to be handled effectively to ensure customer complaints are down to zilch.

You have to ensure you take good care of your data.

  • Manpower: Preparation, explanation, demonstration, observation and supervision; become a success only if Skill& Will are present.

There are around 900 colleges in Bangalore & around 3000 in the entire state of Karnataka making us the city of colleges. When you have colleges like this in plenty skilled manpower is never going to be an issue. We get trained manpower & also train manpower according to the specific requirements to meet distinctive client needs for something as simple as Sales, Customer Service to KPO jobs wherein you require Doctors, Engineers, Scientist etc... Bangalore is the IT capital but is moving up the value chain& is the R&D capital

I would like to conclude saying we have the best manpower where global companies are taking advantage, you definitely don’t want to be left behind.

  • Technology: Know-how mixed with IT = Optimized results

In this world of changing technology upgrades & new launches it is important that you are constantly updated.

Call Center Technology has changed constantly from the traditional EPABX to cloud technology that allows you to work from anywhere if you just have an internet connection. Technology needs to be customized based on client requirements. If you are making a lot of outbound/inbound calls you need a predictive dialler to handle this, with us you have an in-house customized version of the same which work seamlessly. We also develop CRM’s for every client requirement making real time reporting a reality.