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Outbound Call Centre Service

OutsourceACE has constantly assisted companies to shape their direction and evolve their marketing strategies to embrace Outbound services. With limitless access to the right resources and passionate approach we are able to succeed efficiently. Our client thinks of OutsourceACE more of an associate partner than an outsourcing company.

Our expertise’s have garnered us clients across the globe such as US, UK, Canada, Australia, South East Asia and the GCC Countries of the Arabian Peninsula. We have a very structured approach to successful Sales campaigns & would like to highlight detrimental factors for this 1) Database 2) Resources 3) Technology.

  • Database: Access to quality database has helped our client to achieve greater success. Our motto is to add value to the project in hand. We assigned database manager to every project to ensure quality outsourcing.
  • Resource: In depth researched of the industry and the market alike has helped us to stay apart from the rest, thus we have privileged access to the best talent and the young enthusiast on-board your project. Our sales professionals too undergoes rigorous training from time to time.
  • Technology: We operate outbound projects with the latest technological communication such as automatic call dialer to place calls and complete calls, sophisticated CMS(Campaign Management System), WFM Software ,latest Quality Management (QM) tools. Customized tools can be created to suit your project requirements. Otherwise, standard analysis tools such as CRM will be provided for every project for seamless outsourcing.

OutsourceACE has successfully executed Outbound project across diverse industries and varied businesses such as telecommunications, real estate, health care, financial services, retail, e-commerce, travel &tourism, Legal industry and so on. We have teams of expertise who have in depth knowledge across geographical locations, locally and globally. With our highly effective outbound procedure we not only enhance your marketing efforts but help uplift your brand image. Also, we offer tailor made outbound process as per your project requirements. We help you to define core audience and to build a strong professional relation.

In a concluding statement, we would like to reveal that we have accomplished sales expertise & around 50% of our revenues are derived from outbound campaigns which mostly are Telemarketing/Telesales in nature.

OutsourceACE Outbound Call center Services: