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CATI - Service

CATI is Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing. With the advancement in modern technology, so is the constant improvement in the corporate world. Persistent improvisation of high-end technology has replaced traditional methods for the betterment of a company and its employee. CATI service is an interviewing techniques where the interviewer use a computer to record data of the interviewee manually or electronically. OutsourceACE a leading outsourcing company can take care of your CATI services in regards to market and product research, product launch, before sales and after sales research and other CATI research services.

OutsourceACE has successfully supported many reputed organizations when it comes to CATI services. We do understands that your in-house team are not trained to handle CATI services and already are burdensome with other core tasks. So, why not outsourcing CATI services to professional leading companies especially OutsourceACE who can take care of your CATI research with ease.

Advantages of outsourcing CATI services with OutsourceACE:

  • We have sophisticated technology to advanced your market research. This will accompany with a comprehensive software that can generate real time reporting data for your CATI services.
  • Accuracy of data will be our highest priority; this in return will reduce field time, improved productivity and decrease project costs.
  • Strong, highly qualified team who can handle multilingual CATI projects.
  • Handle constructive and layered questionnaires that require complicated routing. We design questionnaires based on your project requirements.
  • Auto-dialing is in place to eliminate any error and to ensure that you get quality results with higher response rates.

OutsourceACE team of experts will work with you to understand and study market behavioral, script require for the project and to monitor its progress from time to time. We are a global-presence call center with a vast pool of quality data whom we can utilize for every interview we conducted. We can assure quality, excellent knowledge, maximum results and advanced technology that is second to none.

OutsourceACE CATI services has been divided into:-

  1. Qualitative Research
  2. Quantitative Research

Reporting, Tabulation and Analysis.

What is the difference between Qualitative Research and Quantitative Research? Want to know more? Click on the next tab.