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OutsourceACE Bangalore Operations is certified as an exclusive NASSCOM (National Association of Software & Services) Member whose vision is To help the IT and IT enabled products and services industry in India to be a trustworthy, respected, innovative and society friendly industry in the world to which we subscribe to completely.

We had to go through a laborious process to get ourselves enlisted in NASSCOM; we also have to abide by the code & conduct of the association. This association gives further assurance of service delivery you can expect at OutsourceACE for Call Center, IT or any services that we are associated with.

NASSCOM is a not-for-profit organization global trade body with over 1500 members of 500 fortune multinational, medium and small companies. According to NASSCOM official information, apart from companies located in India there are over 250 companies from the United States, UK, EU, Japan and China registered with NASSCOM. It facilitates company with business and trade in software development, software services, software products, IT-enabled/BPO services and e-commerce. NASSCOM ensured quality service to its members by providing insight assistance and mentorship program especially to mid-size companies for a better assessment of their strengths and weakness. Registered companies gain privileged access to NASSCOM insider’s blogs, industry presentations and important articles. Engaging with NASSCOM research experts and company’s head is another benefit members have access to. Networking with other professionals/company from another country with the delegation in India is a famous affair with NASSCOM registrants.

NSR (National Skills Registry) is an added advantage provided by NASSCOM. This feature is a robust drive by NASSCOM for all professionals working with companies to have to mandatory register themselves under the national skills registry.NSR takes action against any malpractice or unethical professional behavior by an employee. This is a security best practice for the safeguard of the industry in India and this will help develop a trust and honest association from clients and employees alike.