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Data Capture Services

OutsourceACE’s data capture services deliver high quality, cost-effective services ideally suited to high volume applications such as forms processing, keying from images, data extraction from the web, electronic publication, file conversion and more. As a leader in the offshore data entry market, OutsourceACE offers the highest level of cost savings, efficiency and security derived from our years of experience delivering offshore solutions. In our domestic and offshore facilities, OutsourceACE takes over the management and optimization of the business function, such as:

  • Healthcare Claims Processing
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Loan Processing
  • Credit Card Application Processing
  • Customer Loyalty Programs

OutsourceACE utilizes the cost effectiveness of offshore labor to perform the data capture functions while using a proprietary workflow and tracking system too securely and efficiently managing the offshore work while coordinating with domestic activities. OutsourceACE' tracking system follows documents and data real-time as they move through the extraction/conversion workflow process. This system ensures that every document and all data is accounted for, provides control in preventing lost documents and data and ensures that all data is captured accurately and timely. You can now take advantage of customized real time web reporting.

Quality and Security

Over the past 7 years OutsourceACE has established itself as the leader in quality through its Total Quality Management (TQM) and Six Sigma initiatives. Our commitment to quality is seen in every facet of the Data Capture process. Our TQM initiative has cultivated strong focus on consistent quality and delivery. We focus to identify and resolve the root cause of any problem allowing the customer to share increased accuracy rates and cost benefits.