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Press Release Writing Service

Our press release writing process is always flexible. We work with you on your press release in the way it makes sense. Some people simply don't like to write - why force them to e-mail us their changes? While we may suggest that step to help ensure accuracy, we're certainly willing and happy to speak with you on the phone about your press release. Much can be accomplished with a short call that would take a half-hour to write.

With our experience, we hit the mark with the first draft better than 99% of the time - we know that the better up front work we do ensures a more targeted, acceptable release the first time around. Generally, the changes to our first draft are minimal.

Things can and will go wrong on the rarest of occasions, despite anyone's best efforts. We'll rework the content of the release. Your feedback is of value to us - we're happy to know what you're thinking, so that we can address it and make the changes you want to see.

Get started now to see our experts take action for you.