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Live Chat Technical Support Service

Live chat has been a defining service for E-commerce companies and any other business alike. It is more of a pro-active way of reaching out to your customers who might otherwise go astray if something is not seen immediately.

It is also one of the most cost effective approaches & can be combined with several services like Email & Calls. Live chat also assist you with comprehensive reports which will help you analyze your customer trends which in-turn will help you channelize your marketing campaigns.

The biggest & most important advantage of deploying a live chat service on your website is that you can handle all your customers simultaneously, they don’t have to be on hold & all your customers are also satisfied with quick resolutions.

Reduce contact center costs

  • Channel shift inbound contacts away from more expensive channels and to more cost effective ones.
  • Lower cost per interaction and cost per resolution.
  • Better align channel to customer issues by offering the best channel solution.

Maximize employee productivity

  • Agents can multi-task by chatting with multiple customers at once.
  • Simplify on demand working through giving agents access from home, as well as from tablets and mobiles.
  • Pre Chat Surveys ensure customers go straight to the right person, reducing time spent moving customers between agents.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

  • Enable customers to engage with you from any device, and through the channel that they choose.
  • Pro-actively offer help to customers based on intelligent visitor observation and trigger rules.
  • Reduce wait times through channel shift and multitasking.
  • Increase first contact resolution.
  • Offer helps in real-time, at the right time

OutsourceACE also offers Live Chat Service software for a client who already has an established website. We can also suggest the best Live chat software requires for your website.