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Follow Up Calling Service

Following up prospects or customers after a sale is as important as the sale itself. Every successful business follows a religious regime to follow up with its customer. There are several factors that determine a successful sale and follow up is one of the vital factors. Not only will follow up retain customers but also promotes up-selling and brand enhancement. On time follow up is not possible with most in-house support, therefore many successful organization outsource follow up tasks to leading outsource company like OutsourceACE.

OutsourceACE has a team of compassionate professionals who can take care of your customer’s follow up. The team is trained to add value to your brand and promote positivity that will exceed your customer satisfaction. A happy customer will bring in more prospects for your company, whereas an unhappy customer will render your business image. We can help you minimize unhappy customer and to generate more profit as well as retain customers for your company.

OutsourceACE Follow Up Calling Services:

  • Maintains a strict follow up scheduled & our predictive dialer also assists in ensuring there is a rigorous process followed for the same so that we do not lose out any customers.
  • Educate and enquire customer about the product functionality, how to prevent issues and quick resolution if any issues occur.
  • Taking personal ownership of each of the follow up to maintain a high standard of quality.
  • Provide customer service hotline for better service and to establish a long term business association.
  • Promotional sales calls, new product information and demonstration of your product.
  • As per our experience we have strong data that indicates that the most unhappy customer will never call for support, 4% of unhappy customers actually call in to complain. We can generate data for your organization by means of surveys and creating a list to your customer enquiring about their recent association with your company.
  • Generate positive C-Sat (Customer satisfaction survey) by means of our service.

OutsourceACE will provide customized tools for you to track and analyze for smooth functioning. This tool can be set up at your home compute, work computer, or you can watch your business grows on your mobile phone.