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Cold Calling Service

Easier said than done, all of us know that cold calling is tough and it is an effective method to generate new business and sales. Business struggles to acquire talent and resources to fulfill cold calling duties. It is quite unpleasant to call people whom you don’t know and offer them to do business with you. With untrained and inexperienced staff, cold calling will lead to loss of business, brand damage and frustrated prospects and staff alike. Not many businesses know that there is a procedure followed by professional cold calling company that can transform your sales target and increase prospects conversion.

OutsourceACE is a leading company providing business seamless cold calling services that will not only generate new business but also nurture long lasting relationship with your future prospects.

What to expect from OutsourceACE:

  • We design cold calling scripts suitable for various project requirements. Our basic script mandates three major split policies.
    1. Introduction and opening: Smile and dial procedure .Here, OutsourceACE specialist.
    2. The body of the call: Our trained specialist will apply customer nurturing skills and brand.
    3. Closing objective: With our professionally designed scripts our specialist we’re able to close the deal with an appointment or a sale. Specialists will add value to the call by demonstrating professionalism, honesty and to facilitate prospects rather than a ‘’push and sell’’ approach.
  • Assumptive selling: OutsourceACE specialists are trained to identify and study prospectus carefully before a cold calling approach. Specialists will be able to create needs and enlightened customer with benefits and how their company will change by involving with your products.
  • Enhancement selling: This technique applies to both positive selling ad negative selling. Our Specialist will be able to identify prospects who respond better to negative or positive selling. Negative selling is a way employed by trained professionals to educate prospects about how your product will be a solution to cure or alleviate their life or business, whereas positive selling is a way specialist will enlighten prospects about your product’s enhancement ability.

OutsourceACE Highlights:

  • Qualified trained specialist who are equipped with counter statements to convert rejection, unenthusiastic prospects to happy customers.
  • OutsourceACE has successfully transformed the sales department of varied industries across the globe. We are currently supporting lead generation for telecom packages (landline, mobile, cable) and internet packages for a major multinational company operating across the Canadian region.
  • Industries that we’ve successfully associated includes telecom, finance, medical, travel, real estate and several industries.
  • OutsourceACE operates using state of the art predictive dialer that will automatically eliminate 90% of answering machine .This will helps our specialist to be able to reach out to a wider, quality prospects and improve productivity. Leaving voicemail will be the last thing our specialist will do.
  • Quality data will be stored for future approach and follow ups. We will provide a customized CRM tool for analysis, real time tracker for smooth functioning. This tool can be set up on your home or work computer or you can even watch your business grow on your mobile phone (Android, iPhone, Windows).