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Appointment Setting Service

Outsourcing your company’s appointment settings to experts like OutsourceACE can prove fruitful for your business. Appointment setting can be a daunting tasks and unproductive hours of work, but here at OutsourceACE we can assure you that we are fully equipped with qualified team of professionals and precision data to take care of your appointment settings’ tasks such as cold calling, order management, follow ups and other non-core activities. We are an adept company who has strong foundation in helping your company to generate sales, increase customer base and expand your customer horizons.

We can create tailor made cold calling scripts according to your project requirements and these scripts has proven to be highly effective with high percentage of conversions .

Why choose OutsourceACE:

OutsourceACE engaged appointment settings across business verticals such as:-

  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Financial Plan Makers
  • Time Share
  • Annuity
  • Automotive Warranties
  • Medical
  • Real Estate
  • Business oriented with service sector
  • Life Insurance
  • Contractors
  • Insurance Companies
  • Health Insurance
  • B2C settings of any products, any industry.
  • B2B – Experienced Appointment setter with C level executives of large scale corporations, Medium and Small business. We believe in creating an impact on the first conversation itself by applying our call ‘’guides’’ instead of a call scripts to establish human personal touch and not just applying the regular cold calling strategies.
  • Abundance of valid database suitable for your projects. We can work on your existing database or OutsourceACE can provide you relative data to generate valid appointments.

OutsourceACE appointment setting services has been sought after by reputed companies from the UK, US, Australia and organizations from around the globe. We just not fix appointment for you but nurture the opportunities to make sure that your sales executive makes the best of its conversions. We are a reputed company whom you can take advantage to overlook business’ gatekeepers, company secretaries and communicate directly with the right prospects such as RPC (Right Party Contact) and decision makers.

OutsourceACE believe in a transparency work culture. We provide customized CRM tools for you to monitor, track, and analyze potential prospects. This tool can be set up for your computer on you can watch your business grow on your mobile (Android, iPhone, Windows compatible).