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Global Reservations Call Center Service

Our expertise lies on the below parameters that we strictly follows. These are:

  • Maintained AHT
  • No. of reservations closed
  • Intelligent call router to reduce call drop and customer’s hold time
  • Advanced process training.

OutsourceACE is a leading outsourcing associate for Global reservation call center services. We offer phone support, email support, chat and pop-ups chat support. We are currently supporting and working with a reputed South East Asia Travel & Tourism company, assisting the company with airline, bus, train ticketing as well as booking of hotels, resorts on a global demand.

Our team of expertise consists of well trained and efficient members who can deal with day today reservations with ease. We have an L2 team of experienced professionals who takes care of closed deals such as checking with the inventory team for rooms availability if it is a hotel booking or checking with availability of travel tickets to ensure precise and quick service.

Global Multilingual Customers?

No worries, at OutsourceACE we have dedicated teams who are certified professionals working with arrays of multilingual projects. Calibre of Multilingual services that we offer such as German, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Turkish, Persian and several other languages. Your company success is our responsibility. Contact us now.