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CATI - Reporting, Tabulation & Analysis Services

Data maintenance is necessary when you do a research for your project. Careful analysis of month to month data will be monitored in contrary to the presence of your company against your competitor based on market stand and industry benchmark on various economy breakdown. We can presence and screen weakness and strength of your company profile in the market .Qualitative and quantitative data will act as a base of comparison depending on researched such as answers to open-ended questions, media records, systematic observation, newspaper articles relative to Qualitative analysis and Quantitative content analysis such as space requirements, word frequencies, time count and keyword frequencies.

OutsourceACE is a leading firm with expertise in handling projects of large and medium projects spreads across a wide spectrum of industries. Our team of professionals is skilled in handling hierarchical data and complex weighting schematics. We can co-ordinate operations between SPSS, Wincross, Quantum and excel at the interrelation of data and tab level.

OutsourceACE Tabulation services include:

  • Data tabulation and analysis, data cleaning or editing using SPSS Quantum
  • Cross-tabulation by using SPSS Quantum, Wincross TM and SPSS
  • Row ranking of row/column/total /index percentage
  • Significance testing
  • Complete common tab based stats
  • Summary grids and summary of means
  • Handling hierarchical data and filtering to any level
  • Arithmetic manipulation of tables.