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CATI - Quantitative Research Service

CATI Quantitative research is another form of research which results in great in-depth knowledge and solutions for your company. The model of questionnaire design for quantitative study is basically a close-ended paradigm. Quantitative study has always been a direct procedure to implement the final course of action for projects. It can be used for surveys of a newly launched product, market reaction to a potential new service/products, to predict relationships of consumer with the products or to raise awareness of a campaign.

Has my knowledge with Qualitative research helped Quantitative research?

Albeit the fact that experienced with Qualitative research can be an added advantage however Quantitative research requires different skills set. Not to be confused with its different approach and methodology, researcher’s experienced; exposure and the right skill set can help your company achieve utmost accuracy theory.

Outsourcing quantitative research to experts firms especially OutsourceACE can be a great benefit in terms of propagating outstanding end data results. We use state of the art techniques to create solutions for your company’s challenges by deriving deep and valuable insights from the current market behavior. Collective data and generalize results from an interest mass of prospects will generate conclusive and descriptive outcome in nature.

OutsourceACE quantitative research methodology:

  • Telephone interviewing
  • Online surveys
  • Postal surveys
  • Face to face interviewing
  • Structured Observational research