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CATI - Qualitative Research Service

CATI Qualitative research is a type of research based on a set of questions designed in an open-ended category. Prospects will get to discuss and express their opinion in their own language with the interviewer. It is a vital form of research for developing hypotheses about consumer behavior and motivations. OutsourceACE research focus is market-oriented as opposed to sociological inclination. We conduct qualitative research totally based on market observation, in-depth interviews and customer focus group.

OutsourceACE Qualitative research methods:

  • OutsourceACE has years of experience and is one of the leaders in adapting Quality research. Our experts can recommend constructive data matching your project requirement. We are second to none when it comes to quality research.
  • We design highly-structured questionnaires so that customers and prospects will have the opportunity to express their opinion.
  • We comply with all state law. Research starts at 10AM to 5PM, unless the client request for a convenient time for the interview.

Qualitative research is more flexible when compare to quantitative research because of its open-ended in nature. This allows the focus group to describe their individual experience or their group norm respond to your project.

Key Benefits from OutsourceACE:

  1. Measure Customer Satisfaction
  2. Verify Brand Awareness
  3. Measure Brand Loyalty
  4. Reach Full Marketplace Potential
  5. Learn Purchasing Wants, Needs and Patterns
  6. Confirm Viability of New Products
  7. Collect Data to Measure Campaign Effectiveness
  8. Anticipate Campaign Success Levels
  9. PCI-DSS Compliant